iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1 6.3.1 Full Version

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iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1 + Library for 3DS MAX 2014-2021 Win x64 with support for V-Ray 5 and Corona Renderer 5 hotfix 2


The Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1 plugin is designed to be installed in the 3ds Max 2014 – 2021 3D modeling program and differs from its predecessors in that it supports rendering in the visualization module V-Ray 5 and Corona Renderer 5 hotfix 2. In V-Ray Next of the fourth versions (4.XX.XX) it also feels like a fish in the water.The model library for Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1 is exactly the same as the library for the earlier version of the Forest Pack Pro plugin 6.3.0. If you have this library, then feel free to install it and you do not need to download anything.Install the iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1.After installing the plugin, from the Crack folder, copy the file “forestpackpro.dlo” for the appropriate version of the max and place it in the “Plugins” folder.
For example, if you installed the plugin in 3ds Max 2020, then from the folder “2020” copy the file “forestpackpro.dlo” and place it in the directory:C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2020\PluginsBut that’s not all!
After installing the plugin and trying to use it, you will see the following message:Installing iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1 in 3DS MAX 2014-2021This message informs you that for the plugin to work correctly, you need to specify all the necessary ways to find service files and offers you to do it automatically. Click the Yes button. If it works, then thank God. And if it does not work, then all the ways will have to be prescribed manually. I am afraid to disappoint you, but most likely this will not work, so you will have to prescribe all the paths.To prescribe the ways of finding files of the library of models, presets, texture maps and the library of materials, the task is quite difficult, but since I have already written a lot of articles on this topic, here I will not repeat myself. If you install the plug-in from 3ds Max 2014 to 3ds Max 2019 inclusive, then you will find detailed instructions on how to prescribe the above paths in the article Installing iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.1.5 for 3DS MAX 2018 – 2019. There we are talking about installing the Forest Pack Pro 6.1.5 plugin in 3DS MAX 2018 – 2019, but all of the above is true for earlier versions of 3ds Max when installing Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1.If you install the plug-in in 3ds Max 2020, or 3ds Max 2021, then with detailed instructions on how to prescribe the above paths you will read the article Instructions for installing Pack Forest Pro 6.3.0 and model libraries in 3ds Max 2020-2021 Win x64.In both articles, the same There is a detailed video installation instruction. And if something is not clear to you, then use it.After you install the plugin – restart your computer! In general, this was not necessary before, but when installing iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1, I encountered a strange phenomenon that without restarting the computer, the scene made by you and saved to the hard disk can open in a very strange form and you will not recognize it. Answering in advance the “constant question” of users of iToo software (or as it is now called – itoosoft): “How reliably does all this ugliness work?”, I will say the following. Alas, I have nothing to please you here. It has long been known that programs such as iToo Forest Pack and iToo RailClone Pro do not work reliably. Not always the scene you saved will open in the form in which you saved it. In conclusion, here is a video that shows the test of the iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1 plugin in 3ds Max 2021, where V-Ray 5.00.03 and Corona Renderer 5 hotfix 2 are used as renders for visualizing the scene






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iToo Forest Pack Pro 6.3.1 6.3.1 Full Version

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